Extract Article Text

Extract Article Text is a sophisticated text extractor that scrapes relevent article text from thousands of URLs. Extract text from any webpage, including news articles, blogs, press releases, and more.

Extract text from 2,000 URLs free!

Sample Text Extractor Output

url domain site_name title text raw_text
nytimes.com/article nytimes.com New York Times Your Extracted Article Title Wolf bitters gentrify. Subscribe today. Wolf bitters gentrify.
time.com/article2 time.com Time Another Article Title Snooky mustache power rangers. Snooky mustache power rangers. About Us.
      "site_name":"New York Times",
      "title":"Your Extracted Article Title",
      "text":"Wolf bitters gentrify.",
      "raw_text":"Subscribe today. Wolf bitters gentrify."

Fast, Simple Article Scraping

It just takes a few minutes to start. Paste or upload URLs into the text extractor to scrape relevant article text, along with metadata like domain, site name, and article title. Then download the extracted text in JSON or CSV format.